Purple LED Lights Made in the USA
Purple’s unique shades are made up of a combination of hot red and cool blue. This opposite blend gives purple the capability to be both warm yet cool at the same time. So if you’re looking for emergency warning lights when blue or red just won’t do, try purple!

Purple lights surprise people and deliver the message: move out of the way and command attention!

We at the Emergency Vehicle Solution Group are proud to introduce the largest and the latest to our wide and varied collection of emergency vehicle warning equipment: Custom Purple LED Lights Made in the USA with FENIEX Premium LED products all the LED warning lights come with 19 or more available flash patterns, these are super bright 4W purple LED lights deliver an intense warning to all bystanders and motorists, telling them to slow down and/or move out of the way so that you can pass.

All of the premium warning lights PSE911 offers a come with a long list of requirements made for the emergency marketplace (data sheet available):
  • DOT Compliant
  • CCR, Title 13 Compliant
  • IP65, 66, and 67
  • RFI foil shielded cable
Add some to your Limo or Hearse today!

The astonishment that motorists experience when they see flashing purple tells them to be careful and move out of the way! Purple funeral lights are the solution for all emergency vehicle warning systems. Visit PSE911.com today and add purple LED lights to your collection of emergency warning equipment. The purple lights are compact and easily mountable onto grills, bumpers, the dashboard or deck. Be smart. Be prepared with Premium LED products that carry a full 5 year manufacture warranty, not some 2 year warranty.

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